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Birthday Party



Carl John The Magic Man is the ultimate Birthday Magician.

He brings an amazing experience to your special occasion and makes sure your birthday child feels extra special. Carl John will put on a magical show that will captivate your guests and make them laugh out loud. He also provides fun party games, dances and balloon modeling to entertain your guests of all ages. With many years of experience, Carl John is the perfect addition to your birthday celebration.

















Bronze Budget package

Carl John's Bronze Magic Show is the perfect way to bring laughter, amazement, and joy to your child's special day. This 40 minute show is filled with magical surprises, comedic fun, and an unforgettable experience - your child will be the star of the show! With Carl John's help, your child will learn the tricks of the trade and be transformed into the world's greatest magician. Get your cameras ready and let's make a memory that will last a lifetime!

Bronze Budget Magic show: from £140



Silver Show- The One-hour package.

The Silver Magic Show is a fun-filled and interactive experience for the whole family. It is a Comedy, fun-packed Magic show where everyone gets involved. Your birthday child will become the star of the show and get to perform their own magic trick. There will be lots of laughs, surprises, and even some special tricks that only the birthday child can do. Plus, as a special treat, there will be "Magic Sweets" appearing for all the children at the party. Finally, each child will receive a choice of Balloon models and sweets to take home with them.

Silver Package: from £170








The Gold Package (Stress Free Package) Two-hour.

Gold magic show Price from £265

The Gold Package (Stress Free Package) Two-hour.With a break for food.
What you get in the Gold stress free package.


Bring the excitement of a magic show to your next birthday event with Carl John The Magic Man. With a two-hour package that includes mini disco, party games, party dances, with prizes for everyone and a magic show, you can be sure your special day will be one to remember. Carl John will provide a captivating and interactive show that will keep all of your guests engaged from start to finish. With a fun comedy magic show , illusions and surprises, your children will be amazed.


Then a break for Party food, as Carl The Magic man gets everyone to the table. The Music is back on and when they have finished the food.

 Carl John thr Magic Man can even sort out the Happy Birthday song.

Then the Party Games and Dances andf to calm things down He makes Balloons for everyone.

So all you have to do is put the food out and Let Carl John Take care of everything else .

Book Carl John for your next birthday event and make sure it's one to remember!






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 Carl John Top Children's Birthday Party Entertainer  Carl John the Magic Man Cardiff
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