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 Have a go Circus workshop

Welcome to the Greatest Show,

Starring You! 

People have never been more interested in spinning a plate or walking on stilts or juggling. This workshop, is  run in a come and go format for maximum flexibility.

 I am always on hand to help; the workshop includes Diablos, Spinning hoops, Stilts hoops, space hoppers and balance equipment and more.

Perfect for mixed age participants and everything has been graded as low risk equipment.

Carl John is always on hand to help with the equipment.

The workshops can last from one hour or all day depending on your time table. At the end of the session all of the participants will have had a lot of fun.

Benefits to you

  • Organized Entertainment suitable for all ages and events.

  •  P.L.I certificate available on request.

  • It can be done inside or out

  • Well-equipped workshop with child friendly equipment.

  • Great for birthday party's and family events.

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Birthday Party Fun, Plate Spinning With Carl John The Magic Man.
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