The Silver Package: 45 Mins

A budget Magic show were everyone gets involved in the show, to finish the show with a bang and to make the party even more special. All the children will get sweets to take home with them.


The Gold Package, 1 Hour

The Magic show, crammed with Fun, and Laughter, with Sweets for all the Children and then you can have a choice of how I end the show.

  • Balloon modelling were all of the children get their very own balloon model and sweets too take home with them.

  • Games Package Were all of the children will win a prize, no one is ever out and I supply all of the equipment and prizes.

  • Santa Visit. A visit from the real Santa who can hand-out your gifts.

The Christmas Packages 

The Santa Special, The Stress Free Option. 

All you have to do is supply the children and the food I take care of everything else leaving you to be congratulated on putting on such a fantastic party for the children.
Contains: - Magic show, Sweets for all the children,Then

Party Games and Party Dances with music all equipment and prizes are supplied by me. Then to round it all off there will be a visit from the real Santa to give out any presents and sit for Photos.

This package can last for over one and a half hours with a break for food for the children
This is my most popular package for parties and schools,
That want the best.